They give their best.. (photos)

The defeat from Alki did not leave anyone in Dasaki pleased, but it certainly did not cause any upheaval either. Although our team tried to get the three-pointer, Alki's single goal was enough to deprive us of the victory.

The fact that our team’s fans attended the game and applauded the players' efforts despite the defeat, means a lot especially during such an uncommon year for our team.

Our team has already turned a page and everyone’s attention is now turned to the next key match against Paphos FC. Giotis Egkomitis and his coaching team want to correct any mistakes might have been made in the game with Alky, with the main objective of achieving our first win for the season. In spite of their disappointment, our footballers give their best during training in order get ready for Saturday's game. The importance of the match is major, something that every player knows and understands.

Among the positive news is that our coach can count on all of his players, which will give him the chance to design his strategy with more choices.

We unite forces and stay close to our team - this is the message sent by the Administration and the players in view of the game with Paphos FC and that is what we have to do.

Training Photographs

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