Knock out... With 10!

After an exciting game against Apollonas, our team has shown that it is capable for everything this year. Even with ten players from the 44th minute, our team managed to make Apollon, which had been unbeaten for eight consecutive matches, trip. The zeal and militancy shown by our players in the entire ninety minutes gave our team the valuable draw point.

In a game with a very good pace, our players did not stop for a second to give its all. Characteristic was the fact that our team managed to prevail at 22' with a head by Zelaya after a free kick of Enescu, despite the pressure exerted by the opponent. During the next twenty minutes, our team managed to keep the opponent away from its goal post. The turning point of the match was the elimination of Dovbnya at 44' with a direct red card, which gave the opportunity to Apollon to make a dynamic start in the second half.

The opponent was able to exploit its numerical superiority and to reverse the scoring with two goals at 50' (penalty) and 59'. While our team played with 10 players and was back in the score early during the second half, our players did not give up. Their persistence and dedication to the goal, led the team to the coveted goal. Nika Kacharava successfully carried out his mission and proved to be the golden substitution of the race.

This tie fills us with pride for all of our players and optimism to fulfill our, now revised, goals. Everyone in Dasaki declares to be ready to hunt down its chances for the sixth place until the end, continuing with our next game on Sunday at Antonis Papadopoulos.

We would like to thank the friends of Apollon for their excellent behavior but above all we want to thank all of our fans who were once again on our team’s side and supported our team at a time where they were most needed. Without them, perhaps the result would have been different, and so would our goals.

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