Ten minutes and two headers were enough..

Ten minutes and two headers were enough to provide our team with its eight victory of the season. Our team managed to get the three points in one of the most decisive games of the year. Ethnikos managed to take advantage of its home for yet another game and proved once more that it is able to face any opponent when playing at Dasaki.

Our team entered the game very dynamically, with Hadjivasilis losing a classic opportunity to open the score at 5’. The goalkeeper of the opposing team was able to send the ball to a corner. The same player then made a beautiful shot but unfortunately missed.

Our team managed to open the score at 24’ with Stoychev after a corner kick from Kipiani. In the same way, Zeleya score again at 33’ and bringing the score to 2-0. Throughout the course of the match, our team continued to be in full control of the game and went to the changing rooms with the lead in the score.

With the start of the second half, and specifically at 46’ the game was interrupted due to a problem with the stadium lights. We would like to point out that the interruption was created due to a problem in the main fuses of EAC. The intervention by any person other than the authorized personnel of EAC is strictly prohibited by the Law and that is why the delay was so long.

Our team seemed to get affected by the interruption, thus enabling the opposing team to exert more pressure in the field. Despite the exerted pressure, our team’s defensive line worked effectively and as a result our team managed to keep the score in its favor until the end of the game.

This victory has undoubtedly left everyone at Dasaki satisfied, since the difference from the sixth position has now been lowered to one point. However, we all comprehend that we still have a long way to go and thus everyone’s attention has now turned to the next game against APOEL, which will take place on Sunday at 16:00 at Dasaki.

The first eleven of our team during the match with Doxa were the following: Bogatinov, Kyprianou, Stoychev, Krachunov, Filipov, Enescu (90’ Papageorghiou), Pincelli, Kipiani, Hadjivasilis (69’ Aresti), Zelaya (85’ Cikarski), Kacharava.

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