They have the qualification! We have our pride!

For yet another game, our team gave lessons to this opponent on discipline on the field and good defensive function. Ethnikos made its fans proud and proved once again that it can reach very high. After a dramatic game, which ended with a draw, our team lost the qualification during the extra time. Although the game ended without a winner, given the result of the first game, the opposing game got the qualification.

Our team was clearly better than the opponent throughout the whole game, starting the game with two classic opportunities to score, with Zelaya at 2’ and 10’. Although the opponent had slight superiority in ball possession, our team was the one who lost more opportunities to score.

The messages which were being delivered by our team during the first half were transformed into action during the second half, with Zelaya scoring at 57’. The Argentinean once again caught the opponent’s defense off guard with a shoot over the goalkeeper and opened the score at 1-0.

Even after the goal, our team still had total control of the game. The next and only moment created by the guest team was at 91’ where it managed to bring the game to a draw. It should be noted that the moment began after a hand by Soiledis, which despite the intense reactions of our team and the fact that it took place right in front of the Linesman, no foul was given.

We would like to congratulate the opponent and wish them every success in their course for the Cup. Despite the bitterness that we feel for how we lost the qualification, the pride we feel for our team’s appearance is much greater than our disappointment.

We would like to thank our team’s fans who responded to our call and stood next to Ethnikos in such a critical and difficult game.

Our team is now focused on the Championship and the very critical game against Doxa this coming Monday in Dasaki.

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