Haha(t) - trick

In a dramatic game against Omonoia, our team did not manage to leave from GSP with any point benefit – due to a number of different reasons - although once again we prevailed in the score early in the game. The two goals of Zelaya at 8 'and Kacharava at 67' were not enough to provide our team with the victory.

During the first half, our team prevailed over Omonoia due to its teamwork, preparedness and the plan it had adopted, as well as Bogatinov’s excellent saves. Despite the pressure exerted by Omonoia, our team found the solutions to go to the changing rooms holding its lead. During the second half, our team managed to double its goals after a successful counterattack.

However, within four minutes, Omonoia managed to reverse the data and formulate the final score to 3-2 with a hat-trick by Derbyshire. Specifically, at 71’ Omonoia reduced to 1-2 following a push on Kacharava. As the average reasonable person who watched the game would have perceived, the goal should not have counted. Obviously, some people tend to forget that we live in a time where, fortunately or unfortunately, television coverage exists.

Unfortunately even later on during the game, they still seemed to forget ... The scorer of the second goal clearly seems to be the only player who is stepping within the small box at the moment the ball is hit. But how can we expect for such decision to be given in our favour since this phase was initiated by a non-existent foul which was given in favour of Omonoia, even though the referee had accepted very hard acts of charging during the whole game. During the third goal of Omonoia, the English striker was again "marginally" ahead of our defense line... but who cares since for some strange reason only Kacharava at 29’ was offside. With this way, Omonoia managed to “marginally” turn the game in its favour.

We cannot overlook that for yet another game (we have now stopped counting how many) our team asked for a penalty at 87’ which was never given. How could it ever be given, since this dispute moment is not even included in the highlights of the game. The moment with Hadjivassilis at 89’ was also disputed.

Another disputed point, which nobody addressed, was that of Dovbnya at 44' who was hit in the face in front of the referee, which left Dovbnya bleeding.

We have heard and read a lot following yesterday's match with some even misinterpreting our coach’s statements and wondering whether it is a coincidence that our team has lost a number of games even though it lead the score for most part of the game. We would like to inform them that it is anything but a coincidence.

It could be considered a coincidence that yesterday was the second game under the supervision of Mr. Neocleous where our team had preceded by 2-0 but finally lost. We are also certain that those who wonder are those who do not attend our team’s games but comment arbitrarily.

It is undeniable that we have to examine our own mistakes and weaknesses. But that is our own job which we will definitely undertake. We would also like to note that our complaints have nothing to do with Omonoia. It is the beaten track that was followed in our recent games with Salamina, Apollon, AEK and AEL. In any case, Omonoia was the first during this season who shouted against the referees, something which it has rightly done.

In the past we had stated that as long as they try, we will try as well ... However, we would like to fix this statement... As hard as they try, we will try harder!

P.S. A video will soon follow showing all of the above moments.

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