Friendly game with THOI

Following the scheduled holiday, our group returned to the field. Today, the coach had the opportunity to watch and evaluate the players in a friendly game against THOI Lakatamia. In view of the difficult game against Omonia on Wednesday, today's friendly game was a chance for the team to return to its regular training tempo.

During the first half the players who participated were Bogatinov, Cikarski, Chatziaros, Krachunov, Stoychev, Enescu, Aresti Poyiatzis, Illuridze, Kouis and Elias. The players who participated in the second half were Procek, Zelaya, Hatzivasilis, Arrabal, Dovbnya, Kipiani, Pincelli, Papageorgiou, Filipov Kyprianou Stoychev.

The final score was 2-0 in favor of our team with scorers Kouis at 2 'and Zelaya at 53'.

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