Proud with our heads high!

The new year will find us proud and with our heads high!! This team deserves a lot and gives the best impressions in each appearance. A team which appears to be the better than in every other recent year and opposes each opponent bravely. A team which has managed to make the world talk about it and forces its opponents to adapt to its own game. A team which, in an ideal league, without any human mistakes, would be found where it deserves to be.

For yet another game, our team made a more powerful entrance than its opponent and managed to scored two goals in 18 'and 32' against the best, so far, defense in this season. The two goals were achieved by Kacharava and Zelaya, who made an excellent appearance today.

AEL managed to reduce the score at 45’ after a penalty which was given in its favor. Although Bogatinov, who was decisive for yet another match, correctly predicted and came close to saving the penalty, the team of AEL seemed lucky and reducing to 2-1.

During the second half, our footballers continued to give their all on the court and did not allow the opponent to threaten them, except for one attempt at 51’ where Bogatinov was once more present and sent the ball to the corner. Despite its lead, our team continued to press AEL losing a number of chances to increase the goal difference.

Unfortunately, for yet another game the opposing team managed to equalize the score during the last minutes of the match. It should be noted that at 90 'after an unmistakable fall of Hatzivasilis our group complained about a penalty which was not given. For the third consecutive game our team complains for a clear penalty that never was given and would perhaps determine the final score.

Despite our bitterness and frustration for what happened during the last game, our team sends a clear message that we will continue to struggle with the same zeal and treat every opponent worthily.

We would like to sincerely thank the people of Ethnikos who comprehend the efforts of our team and are always on our team’s side. We can only feel pride for both the people that support us and for our team which worthily represents us in each and every game. All of our players gave their best during today’s game and won most of the battles on the field.

P.S. As hard as they try ... we will try harder!!

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