Worthy of the Challenge!!

After winning three important points against Aris, the next day finds us highly optimistic and satisfied. Our team proved to be worthy of the challenge in one of the most crucial matches of the season, prevailing 2-0 against Aris who proved to be very competent. The game was very important for our team since the opponent was only one point below Ethnikos on the overall score.

Following our last defeat against Salamina during the extra time of the match, the whole team worked hard to win the lost ground. This week our team was more effective and secured the victory with two goals by Kacharava at 47’ and 60’. Our team had more chances to increase its lead during the game, which satisfies the team’s friend and fans watching the game.

The return of Enescu, who had been injured, is one of the positive outcomes that we keep from yesterday’s match, as well as the presence of Krachunov and Cikarski, who returned to the starting eleven, contributing to the maximum to the team’s good appearance. It is apparent that the coach has capable players and several options, regarding the composition of the team, to his disposal.

Despite the satisfaction prevailing among the ranks of our team today, everyone understands that the future poses difficulties. Therefore, hard work and consistency is demanded on behalf of our team to continue our upward trend. Our attention now turns to a home match against AEZ next Sunday.

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