The statement of Mr. V. Ivanauskas (Ethnikos Achnas - Aris)

The statements of V. Ivanauskas after the coveted victory against Aris:

“I would like to thank my colleague for his kind remarks and express my condolences for Chapecoense. It is very hard for those who have lost their loved ones. It was a difficult game, Aris is a very good team, it was a difficult week because when you lose the game during the last minute, it is difficult in terms of psychology. We reacted well and managed to win the three points that are important, it is also important that the team defended well and the opposing team did not score. Aris had won the last two games, gaining confidence and the three points were very important to them but they were very important today for us as well. We hope to get points during the next home match as well.

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