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 Our memories and recollections constitute the foundation upon which the perseverance of our every effort rests. In 1968 a handful of people founded our association aiming at the promotion of sportsmanship and fair play. Our name and emblem demonstrate the ideals upon which our team stands for the past 48years. Ethnikos is not just a sports club or a football club, it is mainly an idea, a grand ideal, which is why it has withstood time and will continue to prevail. Because ideas and ideals are destined to persist and survive. 


Since 1968, every Sunday has been characterized by a blue and white jersey. A jersey full of goals, aspirations and above all a great history, which it will continue to recount and create. A piece of cloth which was inspired by a handful of people in a vacant lot near Ayia Marina, probably out of borrowed clothes at first, with an ideology not borrowed and in no way temporary but deeply rooted in our hearts found right where Greece lies united to Cyprus. 


It was found, torn and bloody, tired and helpless, lying next to tents just like the hundreds of refugees and residents of Achna village who had created and loved it. And before we were even able to dry our tears, the blue and white jersey found its own home again, its own stadium with determination and perseverance for the sake of the people who created it and believed in it. Then it was time for a new beginning, where it began to climb without even looking back. Its trips became magical, and it was launched and still remains among the elite of Cypriot football, having played in the Cup final, in Croatia, Belgium and France. The blue and white jersey from the vacant lot in Achna village is now settled one step away from the biggest European football leagues. The blue and white jersey has been worn, honored and received everyone’s applause.